E major chord is very easy and yet used in thousands of songs. So we begin our journey with E major chord.
As shown in figure, take your guitar and put your index finger at first fret of G string, middle finger at second fret of A string and ring finger on second fret on D string. Now you strum gently.
As you strum, the sound must be clear and you should hear no buzz and mutes. To do more perfectly, play individual string separately instead of strumming. It will be more challenging than strumming, but it is the key to play chords on guitar. You should play each string clearly so that you hear a clean sound while playing.
If you cannot play the each string without dirty sound or you can get clean sound, you may be doing something wrong. If you can’t get clean sound, do this:
  1. It may be due to the weak finger strength. When you play guitar for first time your finger are not used to with it. So you have to develop the strength on your fingers. Try doing finger exercises.
  2. String buzzes are heard when you are placing the fingers wrongly. Try to press at the place near to the fret can reduce buzzing.
  3. You may mute the other string while playing one sting. So look the fretting hand and readjust the fingers.