J. Cole – KOD



[D]1 2 [C/D]3 4 [Em] (x2)

Verse 1:
[D]Train set[C]and[D]match[Em]spied[C]under the blind[D]3 4
[D]Shiny and[C]contoured[Em]the[C]railway winds[D]
[D]And I’ve[Em]heard the sound[C]from my cousin’s bed[D]3 4
[Em]The hiss of[C]the train at the railway head[D]

Verse 2:
[D]Al….ways the summers are slipping away[D]
[D]A 60 ton angel falls to the earth[D]
[D]A pile of old metal, a radiant blur[D]
[D]Scars in the country, the summer and her[D]