Avicii – Waiting For Love

[wpchords] {Title: Trains} {Artist: Porcupine Tree} Intro: [D]1 2 [C/D]3 4 [Em] (x2) Verse 1: [D]Train set[C]and[D]match[Em]spied[C]under the blind[D]3 4 [D]Shiny and[C]contoured[Em]the[C]railway winds[D] [D]And I’ve[Em]heard the sound[C]from my cousin’s bed[D]3 4 [Em]The hiss of[C]the train at the railway head[D] Verse 2: [D]Al….ways the summers are slipping away[D] [D]A 60 ton angel falls to the earth[D] […]

Ed Sheeren – Afterglow

E                     D                   D How much a dollar really cost? E                           D                              F […]

Lorde – Stoned At The Nail Salon

Got a wishbone drying on the windowsill in my kitchenJust in case I wake up and realise I’ve chosen wrongI love this life that I haveThe vine hanging over the doorAnd the dog who comes when I callBut I wonder sometimes what I’m missing Well, my hot blood’s been burning for so many summers nowIt’s […]

Normani – Wild Side

I’m ready to pull up on youI’m ready to do what I doBaby, what you wanna do?Shoot your shot ’cause I’m bulletproof (Yeah)Load it up and doo-doo-doo (Doo-doo)Baby, what you wanna do? (Do, do, do, do)I’m ready to pull up on you (You, you, you, you)I’m ready to do what I do (Do, do, do, […]

BTS – Permission To Dance

It’s the thought of being youngWhen your heart’s just like a drumBeating louder with no way to guard itWhen it all seems like it’s wrongJust sing along to Elton JohnAnd to that feeling, we’re just getting started When the nights get colderAnd the rhythms got you falling behindJust dream about that momentWhen you look yourself […]

Gahiro Lyrics and Chords – Monkey Temple

Title: Gahiro Artist: Monkey temple Chords used: Capo first (1st) fret. Cmaj7, F, Am, Dm, Em, A#. If you want to play without capo then play these chords instead. Cmaj7=C#maj7, F=F#, Am=A#m, Dm=D#m, Em=Fm, A#=B. https://youtu.be/LzxyNGjlkFk Lyrics and Chords Cmaj7…………………..F………….. गहिरो  निलो  त्यो  सागर  झैँ Cmaj7…………………..F………….. बिशाल  अटल  त्यो  हिमाल  झैँ Cmaj7…………………..F………….. मेरो  माया  तिमीलाई  […]

1974 AD, Adrian Pradhan Hidda Hiddai Guitar Lesson

Hidda hiddai is the song by 1974 AD. Adrian Pradhan gave the vocal to the song. The main melody of tthe song was composed by Nirakar Yakthumba, who is the bassist of the band. The lyrics is written by Phiroj Shyangden, who is the lead guitarist of the band. Phiroj has given his vocal to some […]

Four chords you must know to rock your campfire

If you are a beginner guitarist, definitely you may have developed some guitar skills. You may have learnt some chords, but you find chords of every song are different. You may feel like how I will remember these all chords and chord progressions.  Campfire provides the opportunity to play in front of others. To rock […]

Top 5 Nepali guitar lesson channels on YouTube

Learning is the process and everyday you will be steeping in new level. Learning guitar was a challenging process in past days.But things are not like that now. You can improve your playing by finding guitar teacher. Learning from YouTube is never been the easy process.   But don’t worry. It is not time to give […]

Narayan Gopal songs guitar lessons

Narayan Gopal Gurucharya (Nepali: नारायणगोपाल गुरुआचार्य) is known professionally as Narayan Gopal. He was a prominent popular singer and composer of Nepali music. Regarded one of the most significant cultural icons in Nepal, he is referred as “Swar Samrat” (Nepali: स्वर सम्राट, meaning: Emperor of Voice) in Nepal. He is also known as “King of […]